Wait! That’s Not Tested

I’ve often heard people say “But how do you know you’ve tested everything?” and the answer is “I know I haven’t”.

We must walk a fine line when working in high-speed delivery environments. There is a delicate balance between efficiency and thoroughness, between delivering something to the customer and delivering something of value to the customer. We will never get it 100% right all the time but that doesn’t mean we’re not doing a good job. Strike the balance of the quality of our deliverables with the speed of feedback and we will learn quicker.

The customer using our deliverable in production is ultimately how quality is evaluated. We need to optimise for tiny high quality chunks that give fast feedback to reassure us that what we have delivered is, in fact, valuable.

How can you feel comfortable releasing something that’s tested just enough? Let’s explore some approaches for being thorough enough without affecting the required speed of delivery.

Learning Outcomes

  • Strategies for getting the information you need to make decisions on testing
  • How to determine the balance between testing and speed of delivery
  • What to say when someone asks why you haven’t tested everything

Attendee Reviews

Amazing session!

Super good keynote, absolutely one of the best, honest, personal, simply just good!

Lots of great points in this keynote, thanks a bunch! Especially loved shifting the narrative towards bets and minimum shippable risk - phew, some real food for thought to take with us! Really appreciated the storytelling of actual experiences as well, would love to hear more stories like this. Great presentation and delivery as well!

A keynote like god intended them! Great delivery, great story.

I loved the insights Heather presented in the context of cost and risk, when it comes to testing and releasing software. Her openness about her personal journey – and financial situation – helped to put the cost of software development in a context. (I quickly estimated what my current project needs to earn the company in order to be at least sustainable.)

Love Heathers energy on a stage. Also love the practical tips she gave, with real examples and savings!

SO GOOD. Heather’s talk really tied in with a lot of other talks at the conference. She mentioned a lot of speakers and their talks which made it clear she has been deeply engaged in the conference. I really liked the part about bets. She was super clear and had amazing examples.