Where You Can Find Me in 2023

I’ve been in my role at Glofox for almost a year and a half now. In that time I have learned a LOT (check out all of my blog posts about it). The natural thing, for me, was to share that via blog posts but I also wanted to talk about it. When I shared my blog posts, I was getting feedback that what we were doing, how we were testing and developing, was different to what most people were used to.

So I wrote some abstracts about the projects I’d been working on. Most notably, building accessibility into our mobile apps and using data to drive decisions about what our team would test and develop.

Fast forward nearly a year and I accepted offers to speak at 4 conferences. I got accepted to more but I wanted to set some boundaries for my first year back on the speaking circuit. In addition to it being my first year back speaking, it’s my first time to give a keynote and it’s my first time to give a workshop at a conference. It’s been a busy few months preparing all of this but I’m excited to start sharing it with everyone.

You can catch up with me at:

  1. Agile Testing Days USA in Chicago
  2. Agile Testing Days Open Air in Cologne
  3. TestBash UK in Liverpool - my first workshop
  4. Agile Testing Days in Potsdam - my first keynote

If you’d like a speakers discount to any of the Agile Testing Days conferences, you can message me through the links in my bio.