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About me

I started my career as a mathematician working on building mathematical formulae into software for diagnostic devices. From there, I became more involved in the development of the software and naturally progressed into a role as a software developer.

While working as a developer, my passion for delivering quality products really began to shine brighter. As a result of my advocacy for the end users and code quality, it was suggested that I become the first software tester for the team.

Springboarded by my passion for quality and wanting to do a good job as the first and only tester in the company, I began to get more and more involved with the software testing community to help me learn everything I could to shine in this role. Through my active involvement in this community, I was asked to co-organise two software testing conferences and, eventually, to become a community manager for this thriving community (Ministry of Testing).

After spending 5 years as a community manager with Ministry of Testing, I moved again but this time returning to a role that gave me the opportunity to be a hands on software tester.

I am still actively involved with the software testing community and help to moderate an online tech community in Ireland too.